Private Day Workshops

For those individuals interested in catapulting their cutting performance, or individuals interested in advancing their horse training skills, a Private Day Workshop is the best and most valuable options. Space is typically limited to one participant who works one-on-one with Kathy and her training team during the course of a typical training day. Participant benefits from 4-6 hours of instruction and multiple days of coaching is available.

Participants will participate by helping turn-back cattle, gather and sort cattle and receive individualized instruction during the course of a work day. This opportunity immerses a participant in cutting horse training and riding. By experiencing a variety of situations over a series of days, each person will

  • experience a truly customized coaching program over the course of a day, or multiple days
  • Receive 4-6 hours of focuses instruction daily
  • Observe and assist Kathy and team in training multiple horses in a variety of training challenges
  • Benefit from working live-cattle and/or mechanical cow

COST – $350 per day with participant bringing their own horse. Hook-ups available for $20 per night.

Contact Kathy directly to schedule your workshop. 817-296-4233

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