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Game : Peak Brain Training

Train your brain to brain to remember cows for cutting!

Article : Study Confirms Horses ‘Talk’ to Human Handlers

“Hey! See that bucket of feed over there? Yeah, that one. Can you grab that for me, please? I’m kind of hungry.”

Wait a minute. Did your horse just speak to you? Actually, he might have—in his own way, of course. New research by European scientists has revealed that horses do, in fact, try to intentionally communicate with us to achieve certain goals.

Article: Why Equine Bones Break and Tendons Rupture

  • At a gallop, the equine front legs experience the equivalent of a car crashing down on it each time it hits the ground.
  • For every centimeter of toe length in an average Thoroughbred (subject of the study) the resulting force is 50 Kilograms of force acting on the tendons. That’s roughly 110 pounds of force per centimeter of toe length. For a visual, a centimeter is about the width of a pencil.  What’s that mean – for every pencil width of tow growth your horse experiences more than 100 pounds of additional tendon force.